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It reduces stress, relaxes the body and offers a unique feeling of relaxation

Duration 45′22,00 €
Duration 60′25,00 €

It is a technique, commonly known as Swedish massage, which involves a variety of smooth holds performed in harmony on all muscles.

Thanks to its holistic property, it brings about muscle relaxation, reduction of stress and the feeling of fatigue, increase in the elasticity of connective tissues and consequently promotion of the natural glow of the skin, as it has a direct impact on the mobilization of the circulatory system.
Because of this, this particular massage can be beneficial to both the respiratory and digestive, as well as the immune system. Through the activation of the pulmonary alveoli, the flow of oxygen increases and brings about better metabolic function, eliminating waste metabolic products and toxins. Finally, it releases endorphins in the blood, which help strengthen the immune system and delay the progression of aging.
The recipient enjoys a service where the aim is total relaxation and well-being, on a physical, mental and spiritual level.