Massage all over the body during the most beautiful period in a woman's life.






Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life, full of changes and strong emotions. As this period involves varied and important changes for the expectant mother, who sees her body changing and transforming day by day, she often finds herself feeling stressed and challenged both mentally and physically.
The center of gravity shifts forward, the body mass increases and the support base grows, while significant changes take place mainly in the respiratory, musculoskeletal and endocrine systems. As a result, the pregnant woman sometimes faces problems resulting in her inability to function well at work and in her daily activities.
The main causes of dysfunction during pregnancy are back pain, pelvic pain and stress.
The primary goal of this massage is the complete relaxation of the muscles under pressure as well as the entire body, along with the mental and spiritual balance and the improvement of the circulatory system.
The techniques used are no different from Swedish massage, as the session consists of rhythmic movements and gentle pressures applied from the soles to the neck and adapted to the body type of each pregnant woman.