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The whole sole of the foot has been mapped and it has been confirmed that there are points with nerve complexes that give stimulation to specific areas of the body. It achieves activation of the body, unimpeded energy flow, improved sleep quality, elimination of anxiety and stress.

Duration 30′17,00 €

The entire foot has been mapped and it has been found that there are points containing nerve clusters that give impulses to specific areas of the body. There are 7,200 nerve endings in the foot, which are connected to every point and vital organ in the body.
Reflexology is a holistic service where through the application of special pressures and massages on the foot and the back of the feet, it causes a “reflexive” stimulus to each point and organ of the body separately, resulting in the stimulation of the nervous and immune system of the body.
With methodical and systematic repetition of the service, the balancing and harmony of the body is achieved, stress is eliminated and the psychological state is improved, the better flow of the body is activated and relaxation and well-being is achieved.
The service is only offered by appointment, by qualified reflexologists.