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Focuses in the particular area and helps eliminate stress, physical and mental

Duration 30′17,00 €
Duration 45′22,00 €

It is based on the foundations of Swedish milking. It is the most popular massage after the full body massage and is suitable for people who are engaged in intense activities or whose work requires them to lead a sedentary lifestyle.
Back massage is performed from the hips to the neck, which seem to be the most stressful areas.
It helps to reduce headaches and migraines, improve respiratory function and better sleep quality, eliminating the “tensions” created due to stress and poor posture. It also helps to restore the muscles due to prolonged stress, removing the accumulated lactic acid.
It aims at relieving and relaxing the muscles of the waist and shoulder blade, as well as reducing pain and the feeling of fatigue in the ligaments. It helps to improve posture and brings rest to the whole body.