It is performed on legs and helps to relieve them from the strain of everyday life




While the spine  aligns the body and the head, the legs are the principle support and move the entire body.


Everyday life strains our legs to a great extent, either due to prolonged standing or intense activity, or due to immobility, rendering the support of our body difficult or even unbearable.

Some of the effects of this strain are swelling, numbness, joint aches/pains and injuries, and in many cases back problems and pains often reflect on the legs.

The leg massage can be performed, according to the request of the receiver, either from the area of the soles to the thighs, or up to the upper lock of the shins. A combination of gentle and dynamic strokes bring relaxation to the muscles, reduce the feeling of strain and eliminate the accumulation of lactic acid.

The aim of these massage stokes is to take care of the entire leg offering the receiver relaxation, wellness and energy