Ancient massage technique that focuses on the most important part of the human body, the head, offering a unique feeling of well-being and relaxation.




Indian head massage is an ancient technique applied to the scalp, neck and shoulders, insisting especially on areas such as the arms, temples and between the brows.
Strokes are performed with the thumb, forefinger and palms. They are gradual and during the inhaling phase we start from the lowest to the highest pressure, while during the exhaling phase we deescalate the pressure to zero point, with the hands of the therapist never losing contact with the receiver.
This massage prevents headaches and migraines, while reducing muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. Due to better blood circulation, eliminates toxins promotes hair growth and it is an ideal massage for people suffering from alopecia or other hair problems.
It relieves anxiety symptoms and improves sleep, as the receiver gets a unique feeling of relaxation and peace.