It calms the mind, promotes relaxation, improves concentration and helps to deal with anxiety and insomnia.






Head massage is a traditional massage technique which dates as far back as 3000 years ago. It is not unknown that due to the brain function, the head is the place where the stress and intensity of everyday life is built up causing various problems of both a physical and mental nature.
The beneficial effects of this massage, which are becoming more and more known, are numerous and varied, classifying the head massage at the top of popularity, regardless of age, physical and / or mental fatigue.
Techniques and pressures are applied from the neck to the temples. Through the massage of the neck, the relaxation of the muscle tension is achieved, increasing the range of its mobility and therefore reducing pain (muscular and / or arthritic) that extends to the upper limbs
In combination with the pressure applied on the temples, the headaches and migraines are reduced, while the pressures on the skull and scalp, in addition to the relief they offer, they intensify blood circulation, helping in the elimination of toxins, but also in the penetration of nutrients in the skin, promoting a healthy hair growth
A completely relaxing service delivered to create euphoria, relieve from stress and improve concentration and mental clarity