Helps reduce pain, improves hand endurance and improves the mood.




Hands are a means of expression and contact. Whether due to intense physical activity or due to manual work or office work, hands are strained resulting in a strong feeling of strain rendering difficulty in their function and individual productivity, also altering the posture of the body and the spine.
Based on Swedish massage techniques, hand massage improves and increases blood circulation and flexibility of the upper limbs. Helps eliminate stress and functions as pain reliever in cases of strain, intense activity and / or chronic pain improving posture. It prevents the signs of natural aging because of the endorphins released during the message.
The hand massage is applied from the area of shoulder blades to the neck, and from the shoulders to the fingers, with gentle and synchronized movements working from bottom to top eliminating surplus toxins and leaving the receiver relieved and with a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.