It includes a range of in-depth movements that improve muscle flexibility, prevent muscle soreness, reduce muscle tension and create a sense of well-being. Suitable for those who have intense sports activities and heavy workload.




Fitness massage was initially created for people with intense physical activity in order to help them improve their performance, to help their recovery but also because of their need for rapid recovery, after intense and prolonged exercise.
Subsequently, it was the choice of people with long absence from physical activities, as it helps them to restore muscle function and tissue elasticity.
With the use of deep pressures on specific trigger points, intense massage, a variety of techniques but also with gentle passive stretches, it successfully eliminates the accumulation of lactic acid and decongests muscle tension by achieving and restoring the balance and function of the musculoskeletal system, the tendons and connective tissues.
Helps prevent injuries, relieve stress, activates metabolism and increases flexibility, as it offers deep relaxation, wellness and rejuvenation both physically and mentally.
This particular type of massage is applied to the entire body and upon the receiver’s request it can be performed on the problematic areas suffering strain, injury and / or chronic pain.