A synchronized motion massage, by two massage therapists that offers a simultaneous experience of two integrated body massages.



Two massage sessions are always better than one, especially when you can save time without falling behind in your daily routine. With the 4 hand massage you have the opportunity to enjoy them at the same time, rewarding yourself with a service of intense and deep relaxation and euphoria.
Fully based on the techniques and results of a relaxing body massage, it is performed by two massage therapists at the same time. With fully synchronized, coordinated and harmonized movements, the two massage therapists perform the massage on the whole body, not allowing the receiver to predict the sequence of movements, leaving him to focus only on the enjoyment of a unique and more complete sense of well-being, relaxation and relief both mentally and spiritually.
This service offers a deeper and more intense feeling of relaxation and serenity than usual, while thanks to its holistic properties, it reduces stress and the feeling of fatigue, increases the elasticity of connective tissues and promotes the rejuvenation of the skin's natural radiance.